Excellent teams can generate magic – they deliver outstanding performance to their internal and external clients and grow stronger over time. Growth represents a team’s ability to cooperate and communicate more effectively in response to the inevitable challenges of a fast changing market environment. Yet, despite being composed of highly qualified and successful individuals many teams underperform their great potential.


For over 15 years we have been developing special expertise in working with teams to help them understand their specific dynamics, make better use of their collective resources, change behavioral patterns and ultimately attain higher team performance levels. Our clients also hire us to coach teams in specific situations – e.g.:

  • Creating alignment behind business strategy
  • Improving a team’s communication, cooperation and cohesion
  • Developing and implementing an agenda for innovation and change
  • Dealing with inter-/intra-team conflict
  • Establishing purpose and strategy in newly established teams
  • Bridging culture gaps and barriers of collaborating teams in mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, cross-functional projects and strategic alliances

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