We are convinced that learning programs need to be aligned with an organization’s individual framework of strategies and business goals and therefore do not believe in standardized off-the-shelf trainings. The training content we offer will always be targeted and customized around our clients’ vital leadership capabilities and core values.

We design and deliver an inspiring and involving workshop framework that invites questioning assumptions, reflecting on the self as well as exchanging ideas and feedback. The key aspects of emotional intelligence establish the underlying themes of the learning modules.

All our learning workshops are face-to-face and guided by trainers with relevant leadership experience.

Learning modules and workshops are designed to address and accommodate different learning styles – thus providing:

  • Conceptual approaches
  • Practical exercises to allow concrete experience and experimentation
  • Continuous invitations to reflective observation

We also offer our trainings in train-the trainer mode to support our clients building in-house learning capabilities.

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