Teams differ in purpose, structure and fundamental dynamics and apply different ways of cooperation and communication. Based on over 15 years of work with teams operating across various industries and geographies we have developed a consistent approach to tailor our coaching to the specific needs of the teams we work with.

Before the actual team coaching program starts we put particular emphasis on understanding the client’s framework of vision, strategy and values to align the program with the organization’s and the team’s higher purpose.

The coaches that we select for a team coaching assignment are highly experienced in working with leadership teams of respective organizations and managerial levels and in helping them to unlock their potential, become aligned, resolve conflict constructively and effectively work towards solutions.

We are committed to deliver tangible and measurable results. Following a proven process we work out with our clients the metrics and objectives by which the value-added of a team coaching should be measured and evaluated. The type of team interventions and the length of a team-coaching program are individually designed based on the mutually agreed objectives.   

To leverage the effectiveness of team coaching our clients often request to combine it with individual coaching programs. The combination of both can significantly accelerate change and make it more sustainable.