Research shows that an organization’s culture can be an important driver of long-term success. Culture is a function of shared values, their expression in actual behaviors, processes and symbols and their alignment with the organization’s strategy framework. Research also shows that the most successful organizations are those that are effective in connecting and aligning these elements with each other.

Culture is anything but “soft” or “airy-fairy”. Changing culture is in fact hard work and its potential impact on economic success very real. Every organization has a culture – it can be static and out-dated over time, eroded by crises or be vibrant and nurturing people’s motivation and initiative. Organizations that are highly competitive in their respective markets and in attracting and retaining talent have realized that culture matters. They think of culture as a valuable asset that should not be left to its own devices but rather actively modeled and cultivated by its leadership team.

Our clients choose us as a trusted partner and adviser to help them in developing and implementing their culture transformation initiatives and dealing with particularly challenging business situations that require focused measures – e.g.:

  • Change in the leadership team
  • Major changes in strategy or business model
  • Shift towards more customer and service focus
  • Major re-organization and re-structuring

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