„My expectations and goals of the coaching programme were clearly met. I significantly increased my self-awareness and confidence levels, and I have also improved my ability to self-market myself and to be more assertive in crucial conversations (...) I am definitely recommending it to other executives.“

Chief Financial Officer, Communications Technology Company


„We combined a number of individual coaching programs with a 6-months team-coaching program for the entire manufacturing leadership team. The objective was to strengthen the team’s alignment, communication and cohesion as well as to enhance the team’s focus on key performance indicators and results. Overall the interventions showed great impact and clearly delivered against these objectives. Apart from that one could sense much more motivation and commitment within the larger manufacturing team.“

Managing Director, Consumer Goods Company


„For me the one-on-one relationship makes executive coaching a much greater self-learning opportunity than any training (…) I enjoyed that the coaching sessions were not following a specific agenda. I rather used them to freely share thoughts and ideas and to reflect on issues that I could not have discussed with my manager, peers or subordinates. I especially appreciated the coaching conversations that were about improvements in running the business, the opportunity to bounce off ideas and issues and to use the coach as a sounding board.“

Division CEO, Bank


„At the beginning of the process a 360° based on face-to-face interviews with direct reports and colleagues of the executive team was conducted. It delivered valuable input and honest feedback - in a more specific way than a the regular surveys do (...). The coaching program created definitely more value than the many ad hoc, feel-good programs that I had been to before and was certainly beneficial for my professional career.“

Managing Director, Health Services Company


„Leadership Assets delivered a number of coaching programs to senior executives of our company. They took the opportunity and used their individual programs to hone their strategy and leadership capabilities and to ensure a successful transition into positions with extended responsibilities and span of control (...) 360° face-to-face interviews and the company’s regular survey served as a platform to define the individual objectives and the respective program design. Sponsor meetings at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the process ensured that the program goals and progress were clarified, monitored and aligned with the strategic requirements. We also used ex-post interviews at the end to confirm shifts in the executives’ leadership competencies and behaviours.

We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the programs assigned to Leadership Assets. In the course of the programs we have seen significant achievements and visible improvements from the executives.“

Managing Director, Pharmaceutical Company


„I feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to participate in this coaching intervention as it has been one of the most fundamental personal development experiences of my life. As a consequence I have recommended individual coaching for some of my direct reports and also asked Leadership Assets to facilitate a coaching programme for my team. The objective of this one-year programme was to strengthen the cohesion of the newly established team, to clarify roles, responsibilities, work-processes and communication-flow and to make most of the team and its individual members while enabling them to better cope with the corporate change initiatives. Svenja and her co-facilitator offered a structured process, that included pre-interviews with all team members followed by three workshops. As a result of the intervention the team became better aligned with the organization’s change initiatives, more effective in coordinating our workflows and adjusting our communication processes. All of this resulted in significantly better individual and team performance."

Global Head of People Strategies and Metrics, Bank


Coaching is a useful leadership development tool and a valuable investment in the executives of our company (...) All the coaches who are affiliated to the bank have been carefully selected and are operating at high-quality professional standards. (...)

Svenja provided a very good structure to the sessions, which in turn kept the process going very well. In addition to the individual sessions, Svenja observed me during team meetings and provided me with follow-up feedback, which confirmed the basic soundness of the meeting structures and operation. It also rendered valuable insights and understanding around the team dynamics. (...) I found the mid-term and final process reflections particularly worthwhile.

In summary I found the coaching experience extremely useful, and I recommend Svenja for future coaching assignments within our company."

Director Global Leadership Development and Learning, Banking Group


„(…) The team coaching yielded equally positive outcomes: the team members are working closer together, the communication has improved substantially and a process of mutual learning among the team members has been initiated. We have gained a better understanding of the team members’ interdependency and the necessity to learn from each other. With regards to communication there is more trust and openness within the team as its members have improved the skill to voice their point of view and to disagree and to resolve conflict constructively, which is particularly important as the team operates in a stressful environment of constant change.

Based on the excellent experience with the integrated individual and team coaching as a methodology for accelerated change and in order to broaden the footprint of coaching as a leadership capability in the organization we commissioned the design and implementation of a workplace learning and coaching program to (1) develop and improve the relevant coaching skills of call-centre supervisors in the Customer Support unit with more than 100 agents, to (2) make the skills transfer from supervisors to call-centre agents more effective and (3) to develop the respective documentation and learning material enabling our training team to continue the program in the future.

The interactive program, was highly successful as it was very well structured, planned and delivered involving highly relevant content and learning material and providing an optimal mix of theory, live coaching demonstrations and practical peer-coaching exercises.

In the program evaluation the supervisors rated the intervention highly as it enabled them to implement the new skills in their daily business environment. A deferred evaluation, in which the call-centre agents rated the supervisors, revealed a significant improvement in their respective coaching capabilities and behaviours.“

Director Customer Support, Technology Company


“The coaching conversations on leadership have boosted my confidence as a leader and were significantly contributing to my integration into the executive team. I was very pleased with the progress I made through the programme.“

Marketing Manager, Technology Company


“I particularly appreciated Svenja’s open-minded, relaxed, friendly and easy-going style. I was impressed by her ability to get to the heart of an issue and to formulate a good sense about my areas of development. This showed the depth of her knowledge and understanding of people. Svenja was familiar with the key issues and people of our company and was therefore able to provide informed advice whenever this was appropriate.“

Senior Market Manager, Automotive Company