Our Clients appreciate the proven six-stage process that involves all relevant stakeholders, their agreement on program objectives and an evidence-based program evaluation:


We have built a network of highly competent and experienced coaches. Through our careful matching process at the beginning we secure mutual acceptance and trust between client and coach.


In the diagnostic phase we work closely with the client to refine and formulate the specific coaching objectives. To add depth we integrate data from existing assessments as well as 360DeepDive, our proven qualitative assessment tool.


Client, coach and sponsor agree on the coaching objectives. These should include action steps, timeframes and relevant metrics. Periodic feedback loops during the program ensure continuous stakeholder alignment and tracking of progress. We encourage the program sponsor to remain closely and actively involved throughout the entire process.


At the heart of any coaching process stands the coaching conversations. Irrespective of the specific objectives these conversations are always focused and candid. The coach facilitates the conversations by asking the right questions, providing relevant feedback, suggesting options, assigning homework, encouraging to practice the new and to sustain change.

Through the specific form of coaching conversations and interventions the coach helps the client specifically to:

  • Formulate a personal and/or a business vision
  • Define personal and organizational roles and responsibilities
  • Create and structure future plans and goals
  • Cultivate self-awareness and reflection
  • Adopt more effective leadership behaviors
  • Demonstrate higher levels of emotional intelligence in leadership style
  • Enhance personal performance

Today’s executives operate from various locations in the world using mobile devices and other online resources. To cater for our clients’ individual needs, we have the means and the expertise to combine face-to-face and virtual sessions using telephone and video conferencing to tailor a coaching program even around the most demanding business and travel schedules.


The coach encourages the client to be conscious and intentional in forming new habits by continuously practicing new behaviors on a day-to-day basis. Regular feedback from relevant stakeholders gauges the extent of change and allows adjustments as needed.


Measurement creates accountability. This is why we support and offer progress evaluations at defined process milestones and a final evaluation at the end of the assignment. The basic measurement consists of assessing the client’s satisfaction and, more importantly, the evidence of change – e.g. in:

  • Predefined key performance indicators
  • Critical capabilities
  • Leadership behaviors
  • Promotion-readiness etc.

Depending on the coaching objectives we recommend the integration of 360DeepDive as a post intervention measurement.