A 360° survey is the most common behaviour-based development and competency assessment tool. Most large organizations carry out standardized online surveys with their employees on an annual basis. 

We recommend those surveys as support and guidance to individual coaching programs. In addition to this, before the actual coaching assignment starts, we recommend a deeper look into the specific developmental areas a coachee is focusing on. Our 360DeepDive is a customizable qualitative assessment tool to explore specific areas of individual strengths and development that we have developed and refined over the last 10 years. It is based on in-depth face-to-face interviews with relevant stakeholders (external and internal) that reveal insights and situational observations as well as future-oriented suggestions for behavioural change. Web-based 360° surveys usually do not provide this quality of information. 

A 360DeepDive report is delivered and discussed in a personal setting including the coach, the coachee and the respective program-sponsor, which helps to build a high level of accountability into the coaching process.

360DeepDive is usually deployed at the start of an individual coaching program and as a follow-up tool to assess a coachee's perceived change in behavior and to gauge the success of the program. Applied on a more frequent basis 360DeepDive is a perfect tool to support long-term leadership development programs. To organizations that don’t use 360° surveys on a regular basis 360DeepDive is a cost-effective ad-hoc solution.

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