Culture Change


Phase 1 – Gaining Insights
In a first step we work with our client to understand and describe which type of culture would be most in line with the organization's goals and fundamental strategy.

In one-on-one or group interviews we gain further insights from all relevant stakeholders (e.g. customers, employees, shareholders) to reveal gaps between the targeted and the perceived culture. The diagnostics serve as a platform for an intensive and candid discussion with the client’s leadership team driving the transformation process. The objective of this discussion is to identify those patterns in the organization’s communication and interaction that support or undermine long-term performance.

Phase 2 – Senior Team Engagement
We closely work with the senior leaders and coach them towards a robust alignment and unanimous commitment to build and shape a performance-orientated culture. This is usually an intensive process, as teams have to overcome their own barriers and ambiguities that need to be addressed for their members to be credible and effective in leading a broad based culture transformation process. Our interventions help the senior team to:

  • Embrace the concept of culture driving long-term results
  • Strengthen mutual openness and trust
  • Challenge the existing barriers inhibiting culture change
  • Establish a strong alignment among senior leaders
  • Make decisions on the direction to take

Phase 3 - Activation
Any culture initiative emanating from the senior leadership team is destined to win the hearts and minds of others and to effectively trigger broad based transformation in the entire organization. To achieve this we provide support by designing and implementing a staggered communication that helps to permeate the messages around culture change throughout the entire organization. The objective is to stimulate an active dialogue among a wide range of employees, as well as to motivate them to promote the change initiative to their respective teams.

Within learning-workshops, designed to the specific needs of the client, we aim at the organization’s Change Champions to make them:

  • Understand the underlying values and desired behaviours underpinning the future culture
  • Discuss and practice context-specific behaviours in order to integrate these into their day-to-day life
  • Learn how to model values through behaviours and how to cascade them to their teams
  • Embrace accountability for the organization’s culture change

As far as the communication to the organization’s relevant stakeholders is concerned we support our clients in conceptualizing, developing, planning and implementing all the respective activities. 

Phase 4 – Measuring Change
Ultimately it is the engagement of all employees that makes a culture live and expand. To what degree and in which time frame this process happens will certainly vary and depend on many factors. Hence, as with any results oriented business process, culture development needs to be measured. A focused monitoring serves to highlight the areas that need more work and the respective accountabilities. We help our clients establish a systematic approach and provide a proven assessment tool (CultureTrack) to measure progress in key dimensions, via face-to-face interviews and organization-wide online surveys.